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With our footprint including a dedicated satellite office in South Africa, we set the benchmark for service delivery with in-bound Australian visa needs . Furthermore, our senior professional staff travel and consult on a regular basis in a variety of countries – including Vietnam, China and South Africa.

With Managing Director, Cecil Bass, having been born and educated in South Africa, he has a deep understanding of the questions and concerns specific to the South African market.


Here are 6 reasons why South Africans choose to immigrate to Australia…

  1. Joining family and loved ones.
  2. Australia offers immense opportunity and a great quality of life.
  3. It has one of the highest living standards in the world and the 13th biggest economy globally.
  4. Along with political stability, democracy and a first word ethos, Australia rewards ambition, innovation, and entrepreneurship to those who choose to make it their home.
  5. The exceptional quality of education and healthcare is testament of this country’s first world status.
  6. Like South Africa in climate, the Australian lifestyle is warm and welcoming, with many breathtakingly beautiful outdoor and leisure areas – and last, but not least, it is recognised as one of the sports capitals of the world.