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The Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP) is designed to encourage skilled people with proven business skills, investors and entrepreneurs to come to Australia to benefit the Australian economy.

There are currently four distinct visa types in the Program, each designed to suit a particular type of business skill and attract a particular type of investor. These visas are temporary, which can lead to permanent residency once further conditions are met in subsequent years.

The visas have different requirements and restrictions. Providing the source of funds, proven financial eligibility and preparation of financial statements are just some of the areas that require careful preparation and planning in these complex applications.

Hitchcock & Associates has the proven financial and business expertise to achieve a successful outcome. In addition, we have a team of multilingual staff to enable us to work with clients from diverse backgrounds and industries.

Visa categories include:


  • Subclass 188A – Business Innovation Stream
  • Subclass 188B – Investor Stream
  • Subclass 188C – Significant Investor Stream
  • Subclass 188E – Entrepreneur Stream


  • Subclass 888A
  • Subclass 888B
  • Subclass 888C
  • Subclass 888E

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