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Hitchcock & Associates manages the issues relating to residence visas for individuals migrating to Australia on a temporary or permanent basis.

Associated questions of visa renewal, family reunion, citizenship and health and character requirements are managed and planned for within appropriate time frames.

Skilled Migration

With the implementation of the complex and nuanced Skills Select program the area of General Skilled Migration has undergone the most dramatic and significant change of all visa categories. Hitchcock & Associates has always and will continue to assess eligibility and to work with those clients who wish to apply under this category. We remain at the professional forefront in this area and have competent and experienced migration agents managing these visa and enabling many skilled migrants to obtain permanent residence.


We deliver professional advice and services to assist with citizenship enquiries and applications and to determine eligibility. In addition we manage issues such as resumption or renunciation of citizenship, citizenship by grant or descent. There are some concessions available within the intricate and nuanced citizenship legislation and we have successfully completed a number of concessional citizenship applications for clients.

Resident Return Visas

Few migration professionals offer services or expertise in this important area. Resident Return visas (RRV) are really extensions of migrant visas, typically issued to people who are permanent residents and not yet citizens of Australia and need to travel or remain overseas, in the medium term. We complete many RRV applications annually and we are also skilled at restoring expired residence visas through the use of RRV’s where circumstances allow.

Distinguished Talent

We have successfully completed a number of Distinguished Talent visa applications for clients who have an international reputation in academics, the arts, sport and the professions. These rare visas require customised solutions and preparation and we have the skills and experience to provide successful outcomes to these clients.

Family Migration

Hitchcock and Associates has assisted hundreds if not thousands of clients to live in Australia as united families. We continue to assist individuals to migrate to Australia on partner and parent visas in order to live with their family and extended family members. In addition we are leaders in other areas of family migration including children, remaining relative and carer visas.

Other Services

Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

Whether assisting a corporation to develop the expatriate element of its workforce or an overseas entity planning a local operation, Hitchcock & Associates provides a reliable and efficient solution.

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Business Skills Clients

Business Skills Clients

Hitchcock & Associates is a leading provider of professional services in the Business Skills arena of Australian visas with particular emphasis on the Significant Investor Visa (SIV).

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